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An Effective Strategy to Improve Your Chances of Achieving Success in Whatever You Do.

You cannot be certain of anything. Life is uncertain. None can predict future. You do not know how your actions will shape up or how they end up. In such circumstances, what is the best course left for you? Find out in this audio presentation by Jayaram V

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Ice and Fire Music Digitally Composed by Jayaram V

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How to use the law of attraction without blindly relying upon the mind's supposed magical ability to precipitate reality.

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In this discussion, we identify ten basic assumptions that critically hamper our ability to perform well, reach goals or achieve success.

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When we speak of abundance, the first thing that comes into our minds is money. For many, that is all abundance means. However, abundance means more than having money. If you ask those who have plenty of money, they will more likely tell you a similar story. For them, money or material wealth is just one aspect of abundance. Abundance is more like a circle with many segments or divisions. It is not having just one thing but having many things that complement life and make it complete, peaceful, harmonious and worth living. Hinduwebsite Audio Presentation

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This audio presentation is about practicing self-love and self-acceptance to overcome negativity and critical attitude towards oneself to experience peace and harmony.

Self-acceptance does not mean complacency or passivity. It only means that you refuse to be undermined by your own negative, critical and self-destructive behavior. You will continue to improve yourself, knowing well that there is always scope for improvement and progress in life. Exploring possibilities and opportunities with positive attitude, you become the architect of your life and destiny. If you do it and accept yourself wholly, you will enjoy the journey as well as the destination. You deserve good life and inner harmony, and for that you must be in harmony with yourself.

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This podcast is about cultivating self-awareness in spiritual practice by paying attention to one’s thoughts and feelings to know truths about oneself, without cognitive distortions and self-deception. The practice of truthfulness in relation to oneself leads to better self-awareness and discernment.

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India is the only country where its ancient culture and native faiths survived centuries of foreign oppression, colonialism, imperialism, the Industrial revolution, two World Wars, scientific rationalism, and an organized onslaught by well-funded foreign institutions to undermine and degrade them. India is also the only country that gave birth to at least four major world religions and innumerable religious and spiritual movements.

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A few thoughts on how Brahman (God) should be worshipped or approached, and whether he has a specific name and form. Occasionally you come across people who dispute the notion that God is impersonal and formless. According to them God cannot be impersonal or formless. For them, God is personal and possesses specific, recognizable form, which is permanent and universal. Should we agree with this view?

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In this presentation Jayaram V speaks about cognitive errors and biases which interfere with our thinking and decision making and how to overcome them to improve our thinking and perception and learn to think with clarity and understanding. 

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The Bhagavadgita contains many lessons. The one presented in this podcast is very important. It is indeed the heart of Bhagavadgita wisdom. Those who understand it do not judge people by their actions but look to the motive and use their discernment to know whether those actions are justified or not. Find out what the lesson is.

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